About Norcan

Terminal Norcan was founded in 1992 and is owned by three private companies.

We are a major supplier of refined and renewable fuels to independent distributors in Quebec and Ontario.

As such, we are among the four largest wholesale gasoline companies in the Quebec market. 

Our Values

Corporate Responsibility

We are a sustainable organization that manages the impact of its activities responsibly, while ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the general public.

Respect and integrity

We wish to remain an exemplary company, recognized and respected for its integrity, openness, and transparency in its relations with individuals and organizations.

Spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship

By leveraging the know-how and expertise of all our employees and partners, we are always looking for new ways to push our limits and collectively contribute to value creation.


As a leader in our industry, we prioritize continuous improvement of our best practices and seek to inspire change in a positive way.

A bit of history


Beginning of terminal operations under the ownership of Joy Oil Co. Ltd. in the east end of Montreal. This depot is one of the oldest still in operation in the Montreal area.


Founding of the company, Terminal Norcan Inc.


Addition of ethanol in gasoline blends.


Addition of biodiesel fuel to our product line.


Beginning of product storage at the port of Quebec City to serve the Capitale-Nationale and Eastern Quebec regions year round.


Commissioning of a Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU), an initiative that substantially reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Work starts on the modernization of the independent fire protection system.